Marie Yocum LMT
Therapeutic Massage Services

Middletown, Louisville, KY

Therapies to Relieve Pain and Stress

    Pain Management

    • Chronic
    • Injuries
    • Prescribed

    Stress Relief

    • Anxiety
    • Trauma
    • Life


    • Spa Days
    • Couples
    • 'Me-Time'

    Massage Therapy

    Marie Yocum LMT is best known for applying a wide variety of therapeutic massage techniques to customize a pain-treatment or relaxation program for clients. From gentle to deep-tissue massage for treatment of injury-related pain, chronic arthritis, mental trauma, or anxiety, Marie and her clients measure success of therapeutic massage by degrees of relief.

    Craniosacral Massage

    Craniosacral massage therapy applies gentle pressure on the head, neck and back to relieve pains, pressure and stress caused by compression. Improving flow of cerebrospinal fluid in the central nervous system, Craniosacral therapy can be useful for relief of many symptoms, from headaches to neck pain, constipation and general stress.

    Hot Stone Therapy

    Muscle tension and pain relief are very effectively achieved with a variety of massage techniques combined with the placement of hot stones on various part of the body, such as the spine, stomach, chest, face, palms and feet. The effect is deep relaxation. Especially sought for muscle pain, Hot Stone massage therapy also relieves anxiety and can promote healthier sleep patterns.

    Couples Massage

    A Couples Massage provides the much-needed bonding effects of shared relaxation, rejuvenation  and healing for the mental, physical,  emotional health of a couple. The effects are truly unexpected. Once a couple tries synchronized massage, it becomes a much-anticipated routine, monthly if not weekly, as a healthy and intimate replacement of happy hour calories. 

    Reiki Massage Therapy

    Reiki, known as "energy healing", comes from Japan as "Rei" (Universal) "Ki" (Life Energy). Marie places her hands over the patient's body and draws from positive universal energy to concentrate the energy where  healing and relief is needed. Reiki is increasingly popular for relieving stress, anxiety, depression and pains from injuries.